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Merchants Improving payment acceptance

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Benefits for Merchants

Cashixir allows merchants to increase their sales and customer loyalty by providing a new secure, flexible and convenient payment method.

Cashixir gives online merchants an instant and hassle free method of accepting payments from their customers, with the added benefits of fraud and chargeback protection.

By adding Cashixir as a payment option on your website you will be providing your customers with a new, safe, secure and easy to use payment method.

Cashixir allows you to offer your goods and/or services to a global client base as you will be able to accept payments in multiple currencies.

Cashixir provides merchants with the ability to accept payments with lower processing costs compared to traditional payment processing providers.

Cashixir can benefit merchants which operate in a wide range of sectors, such as, retail, ticketing and events, gaming, food & beverages, hospitality and travel.

Registering with Cashixir is straightforward and secure. Once registered merchants may enjoy the benefits of accepting and dispensing Cashixir.

  • safe, easy and convenient mechanism for your customers to make purchase and load their account online
  • your customers can shop, pay and play online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • additional opportunity to market your brand and promotional offers
  • allows your businesses to target specific market segments to generate additional revenue both cheaply and effectively
  • accept payments form a worldwide customer base
  • accept payments in multiple currencies
  • fraud & Chargeback protection
  • easy and secured payment method
  • acquire new customers
  • increase customer loyalty
  • reduce the cost of accepting payments
  • Cashixir provides transparency in processing costs
  • simple set up and usage

To find out more about how Cashixir can enhance your business please contact us.